Dante Month 5 (6/14/2003)
Ok, so I’m even later this month, but as usual it has been crazy around here.

May was filled with exciting adventures, including tearing up carpeting, painting, and installing new office closets, Mother’s Day, and Jeff and Kristie’s Wedding. We also visited with Annie and Trish.

Dante determined that although breast milk is tasty it is not quite as interesting as whatever it is that Mommy or Daddy put into their mouths. After many attempts at grabbing our utensils and serious pouting whenever we ate, Dante finally guilted Mommy into giving him a taste of solid (well, mushy) food. He started by sucking on the thin end of a pear. Over the course of the last 6 weeks or so he has tried a myriad of tastes. His current list includes: avocado (his favorite), bananas, oranges, nectarines/peaches, pears, carrots, peas, sweet potato, and rice cereal mixed with breast milk (which he only tolerates). He still refuses to take a bottle, but he will gladly maul a bottle nipple if the bottle contains ice cold water so as to soothe his sore teething gums.

This month was also full of walking practice. Daddy provides the balance and chants “one, two, one, two” as Dante lifts a leg and places it in front of the other. The walker itself has also been in constant use since Dante does laps around the kitchen island or chases the kitties whenever they cross his path. One of my plants has already landed on the floor from being run into, so we are looking forward to baby-proofing time as soon as Daddy takes his paternity leave.

Dante’s collection of phonemes has increased beyond “mamamama” to include “dadadada”, “babababa”, “gagagaga”, “lalalala”, “nenenene”, “wawawawa”, and “vavavava”. He acquired these sometime in the first weeks of May and he has been refining them continually. He is also quite ticklish and responds well to coo-chee-coo-chee-coo.

Now if only we could put him down for more than 5 minutes…

- Aurika