Dante Month 4 (5/12/2003)
Yes, I know I am a little late this month, but it has been a busy time!

I fell through the deck, had surgery for an ingrown toe just recently, and we have been busy tearing up our old office closets, painting them and installing new flooring in time for the closet people to come and build some real shelves to replace the dinky metal things we used to have. I’ve been going to Yoga on Tuesday nights while Daddy entertains Dante, and on sunny days I’ve been driving around buying toys, books and clothing at garage sales. Dante loves garage sales; he flirts with all the ladies and charms them into giving him toys for free!

Grandma and Grandpa Hays made sure Dante’s very own Easter Bunny came for a visit and we went down to visit them for Grandma Sandy’s birthday a couple weeks later.

At his 4 month appointment, Dante weighed 16 lbs and was 25.5 inches long! The doctor announced that Dante seems to think he should be 6 months old, not 4. We officially moved on to Size 3 diapers this weekend! We discovered breastfeeding DURING shots works wonders and almost completely eliminates screaming.

A few days before his 4 month Birthday, Dante began saying “Mamamamamamama”. Chris seems to think there is some association between the word and its meaning as Dante does not say it very often when I am not around.

Anyhow, enjoy the photographs, and to all the Mothers out there… Happy Mother’s Day!

- Aurika (A Very Happy Mother)