Dante Month 3 (4/10/2003)
Dante’s 3rd month was filled with exciting adventures, including his first 6 hour drive to Spokane to meet his Great Grandma Hazel on her 80th birthday.

At his 10 week appointment, he was 13 lbs and 6 ounces and 23.5 inches long. He is now even heavier and even longer and is fitting into clothing made for 6 month olds. He is now 14 weeks and 2 days old and I suspect is either at least 15 pounds or my arms are just getting really tired.

Dante spends his days on Mommy’s arms pretty much non-stop talking to her, blowing bubbles, dancing with her and listening to a variety of music, going out for walks in his stroller, doing sit-ups and most recently desperately trying to stand up. Daddy takes over in the evenings, especially on Tuesday’s, when Mommy goes to her Yoga class.

Not much of a day napper, Dante saves up his sleep for the night (which usually starts around 2 am) and usually stays asleep for 7-8 hour stretches, though recently he has begun gnawing on our knuckles and waking up faster so we suspect his pearly whites are bothering his gums. So far he has not been biting during nursing and breast milk is keeping him quite happy. He is, however, noticeably jealous anytime Mommy tries to eat anything herself.

Mommy has been trying to learn how to type with two fingers of one hand and editing photographs has been somewhat difficult since Dante hates being stationary for more than about 30 seconds; thus the delay in getting these pictures up onto the website.


- Aurika